Saturday, February 9, 2008

School 'n Pics

So, basically, I love school. I love my little man and being a mom but I miss school. This is the first time since September 1983 that I haven't been in school while it was in session in one way or another. I love teaching, I love other teachers, I love my students (especially ones who post comments on here--thanks Dan, and congrats on WPI!), and I love the general atmosphere of learning. I've started teaching a night class again--physical science this time. It is so different from what I've taught before; the students are so different from who I've had before, and (big surprise) I love it! So, it warms my heart to know that I've made the right choices for myself, and I'm happy to still be teaching everyday at home. I've just switched from intermolecular forces and atomic history to tummy time, toy grasping, and dah-goo talking.

And now for some recent pictures of the little guy:

We went to the Museum of Science last weekend so he had to be dressed appropriately.

He was obviously really excited about the Super Bowl. Please notice the Chicago Bears socks :)

I've got another adorable one of him smiling in a Project Red Ado(red) shirt, but blogspot isn't cooperating. I'll post that one later...keep an eye out for it!


  1. Already with the Museum of Science??? That kid is going to be a NERD (that's WONDERFUL!!!).


    P.S. We miss you too.

  2. Forgot to mention how cute he is.