Sunday, September 14, 2008

While I can get it

Joseph's asleep, Matt's gone racin' boys (boogity, boogity, boogity), the house is clean (enough), and I'm less than uninterested in the pile of papers that I have to grade. So, here I go:

Let's start with the photo update.

While Matt's folks were here over Labor Day weekend, we went through the butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston. A beautifully huge monarch had gotten comfy on Joseph's head while I was talking nerdy stuff with a guide. I managed to capture this stunning image of the event. Please notice the adults behind him admiring the cute boy with the butterfly on his head while the boy seems to be wondering "what the hell is going on?".
I need a faster camera. Now, he's not quite crawling yet. But, he is managing to scoot around using his own hybrid form of movement...some flopping on his stomach, some reaching really far with his arms, some pushing himself backwards. A lot of pushing himself backwards, actually. And, a little bit of reaching for things above him. He managed to score a bag of Veggie Straws from the coffee table that wasn't quite closed. He was so proud of himself--notice him double-fisting the Veggie Straws. You can't see Staley hovering at the edges stealing one straw at a time...she controlled herself pretty well.
Since we're talking about his movement, this was just the other day. How did I get here, and more importantly, how can I get out?
Then, my mom, Joseph, and I met some of her friends from work at this little museum where some monks were creating a sand mandala. We didn't get to see them working on it (because I was slow), but we did get to see the mandala and the other neat stuff that the museum had. So, here's the mandala almost finished:
And here's Joseph dressed up like a little Nepal...ese...ian, er, kid from Nepal:
And, finally: when we went in for his 9 month checkup last week the doctor said that he's very close to cutting all 4 of his first teeth (two tops, and two bottoms). That, in conjunction with the low-grade fever that he picked up this week made for a rather unhappy little boy. He's still gaining weight (18 lbs 2 oz), and otherwise looks good, but he's been kind of serious these last few days.
Now, this has been rolling around in my head for a while now and I just kind of want to articulate this. I read a note that my cousin had written on "following the path of God." She seemed to think that following in the path of God meant a life full of suffering, pain, unhappiness, and general difficulty. So, I'm wondering if that is what it means to be a good Christian. I'm making the assumption that if you are a good Christian you are following in the path of God. So, what does that mean? Is it about your choices, your intentions, your silent beliefs, your ministering to others, your personal discipleship? Some of each? I'm bothered by her belief that this brings pain. Yes, Jesus suffered. But...I don't mean to sound crass, here...I'm not Jesus, and didn't He do that so that we could have eternal life? I go to church (a good chunk of the time, anyway), I treat others as I would like to be treated (most of the time, I think), I am using my powers for good (as my mom says): I am using my gifts to help others, I live an honest life (mostly, I think, although I did download some songs from Limewire and we do own some pirated DVDs), and I have given my son to be a child of God. Am I missing something? Really, I'm asking you all, please tell me. I put this out to my students the other day (minus the religiousness of it...more a "what does it mean to be a good person" type thing), and they came up with some interesting (although young, in my perspective) ideas. One said that if you believed that you were making the "right" choices throughout your life that you were automatically a good person. That seemed like a load to me. Another said that as long as your choices weren't taking away someone elses' choices, then you were making acceptable and therefore good choices. Another load, to me. Then we got into where society gets their views on what is right and wrong. We didn't quite get to the point where society has perhaps the most skewed (or un-Christian) perception of right and wrong...but it is a public school and I would like to keep my job.
So, ponder and please respond. I'm interested in others' perspectives. And, the crib is crying, so my time here must be done.


  1. Backward crawling soon leads to forward crawling (at least in our family that's how it works).

    I agree with you on the whole good person thing. I think you can be good without being miserable. I don't think that God would want you to suffer (well maybe just a little bit) for him. I think that each of us lives a good life in our own personal way. My way is to try to treat everyone like I would want to be, to be honest, and to try to give to others when it is possible. We don't do church (although I often feel guilty about that) but do believe in and talk about God at home (you know my son). I think in the end, you do the best you can, what you think is right and see how it turns out.

  2. Well said, Carrie...I agree with everything you said and anyone who thinks that you need to suffer to be a good "Christian" or person or anything is a little off...

    On a different note, I've been meaning to call you lately about the fair that you asked about. The Apple Harvest is the last weekend of september and the first weekend of october (that first october weekend we should be in the new place). Another fair, the durham fair is the last weekend of september. Durham is bigger, but with more to see (lots of animals). Apple harvest isn't much to see, but has good food too. Up to you guys, let me know

  3. Great post Allison! I am still pondering your question.. Look for my answer in a future blog!

    I love the letter to your 20 year old self in your last entry! Fabulous!!!! Happy Belated Birthday!

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  5. Hey Krones!

    I don't have an exact definition of what a good christian should be, but it does consist of:
    ~Helping others when they're in need
    ~Spreading the word
    ~Make 'good' choices: Choices that hopefully point in the direction of Christ, not a life of sin

    There are probably other stuff that I can't think of as of now...
    Yes, there will be suffering alone the way somewhere. But, according to the Bible, the trial will never be something that you cannot accomplish or overcome. Plus, God would love to see you have a great time! He's not the kind that wants to see you suffering every moment in your life. Your friend goes against my view on life: be optimistic, laugh, and live it to the fullest!

    Anywho, my chem class will cover a lot of stuff we covered in class! Exciting :) I'm seeing ionization energy, orbitals, planck's constant, and electron affinity stuff right now!