Friday, November 28, 2008

The Birthday Post

So, our little boy is 1!

We had a lovely day at my parents' house for Thanksgiving and Joseph's birthday. My dad made a turkey on the Egg, and we had more food than we could fathom. Good thing that leftovers are probably the best part of Thanksgiving. So, here's an assortment of pictures from the day. Enjoy them while I try to find places for all of the toys that he got--and it's not even Christmas yet!
The cake...before:
This little truck is pretty cool.
I like this thing too. But, I'd rather have that camera.
I LOVE my wagon (so do mom and Staley).
He was so cute--when he started fading, he was happy just to sit in his shiny new wagon.
The cake...after.
Back at home with so many toys.


  1. Happy Birhday Joe Who!!!


  2. Happy Birthday Joseph! I can't believe how big that wagon is! Super Cool!

  3. So cute!!! I'm not sure I can handle the cuteness!! Love that cake picture, almost as much as the one of the wagon!! (!!!!!!)

    Dude, that is such a supercool wagon...

  4. I got so distracted by the wagon (it's an all terrain wagon!! How cool!) and the cuteness that I forgot to ask - what the heck is an egg? As in, cooking a turkey on the egg?

  5. Happy birthday, Joseph!!!!!!!!!

  6. Uncle Tony and Aunt Mary wish they had been there! (Esp. to enjoy the cake and take a ride in that wagon!) We certainly missed you guys. Get ready for more presents at Christmas Little Man!