Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Favorite Thing(s)

I wanted to take a moment to share one of my favorite things with you.

In case you hadn't experienced the wonder that is stoneware, you are most certainly missing out on some amazing cookware. My favorite stoneware has come from Pampered Chef. They have high quality items that
cook evenly, season nicely, and are warranted for a few years.
I've got the Small Bar Pan (which fits perfectly in our toaster oven)the Rectangular Baker-white
and the Deep Covered Baker, that is only available to hosts due to its extraordinary popularity and amazingness.

I wish that I could offer you more than my review and persuasion, but, alas. You'll have to go buy your own. What's your favorite kitchen must-have?


  1. Great pieces, I own a couple of knives and kitchen utensils from there but no cookware.

  2. I love my pots and pans, but the thing we use the most has to be our Chicago Cutlery knife block set. We were missing the kitchen scissors for about 2 months, and Tony just found them in the garage. Not sure why they were in the garage, but, as I'm sure you know, things start to disappear once a baby enters your life. :)

  3. My favorite kitcheny item is my coffeepot. I rarely cook these days, but without my coffee (even decaf) I'd be a not nice person!

  4. We got a pizza stone as a shower gift. Patrick's mom loves the stoneware too. I'm interested to try it out...
    Personally, my favorite kitchen item is my Kitchen Aid mixer. LOVE that thing!

  5. I love my kitchenaid mixer of course, but I really love my citrus squeezer and I use it surprisingly often, especially during the winter.