Thursday, April 3, 2008

So, I've been thinking...

So, read any good books lately? One of the things that I'm enjoying about my new life of mommyhood is that I'm reading again! I seem to be able to catch a few pages everyday and I so love it. I will happily entertain any suggestions!

And, what's the verdict on Facebook? I've been hesitant to "go there" because I know that so many of my former students are on there. Matt has signed up recently, though, and has reconnected with a bunch of old friends. Hmm, I'm not sure about this one yet.

And, what ever happened to customer service, anyway? The previously-touted-now-icky people who took the cute pictures of Joseph have become my poster-people of bad customer service. I'm no business person, but wouldn't you think that if you (the business) made a minor billing mistake in the customer's favor that it might be in your best interest to perhaps cut the customer a deal to insure your future relationship? That seems to make sense to me, instead of trying to hose the customer for hundreds of dollars. Oh well. They win. I'll take my business elsewhere and I suggest that anyone considering Pixel Perfect Photography does the same.

And, isn't it springtime yet? It's been nice and warm, although windy, the last lots of days and there is still freaking snow in my backyard! Enough already! The robins want their worms to thaw.

And, speaking of enough already...c'mon China, throw Carrie a bone here. We're all waiting. They deserve first class tickets to China to pick up their sweet little girl (hopefully girl) and all of the moon cakes that they can eat while they're there. I can't even begin to imagine being you!

And, I've decided that I love blogs. I like being able to see what's shaking with my friends. So, hopefully you folks out there enjoy my ramblings. I know that our lives are mostly dull and boring, but we like them :) I extra love it when people leave me comments (hint hint).

And, I think that's it for me tonight. Have a Happy Friday 'n stuff!


  1. Hi again!

    So Saturday is the Chemistry contest thing and Jenn and I are attending. Of course, we were dragged in by Mrs. Cohen. We're planning to have a little review session tomorrow before tackling the contest...(I bought the ninth edition book for 25cents during ASP and it's in great condition!)
    Yay chemistry! :)

    Yay I commented!

    Your student,

  2. Hey there. I just got to catch up on the happenings of Allison, sounds like you have been busy and all is great... Joseph is adorable and I may borrow your idea of the monthly pics with the animal given from the grandparents, it is so cute. Hope you don't mind???

    Hope all is well and you enjoy your weekend. Keep in touch.

  3. Love the picture of you and Joe Who in his carrier. What a cutie (I mean Joe LOL)