Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little Trouper

Joseph is such a good boy. We have had the week of chaos (it seems) and are (maybe) headed into another, and our little man just keeps going. Last week Max and I prepared for a big Garbage, I mean Garage Sale which was Saturday. You know what they say about one person's trash...well, we did not too badly. And, I never could've done it without Max--thanks bunches! So, that was last week and Saturday. The crazy auction men who all look like my dad showed up shortly after 7 (despite all advertising saying that we opened at 8). Then we rolled into the older ladies looking for kitten things for the rest of the morning. Around 2, we all hit the wall and everyone took a nap. That geared us up for the Fisher Cats game that we went to Saturday night that started at 7...this all makes for a very long baby day. He did pretty well and melted down at the game around 9:20 (who could blame him). Then today we marathon-shopped as we helped a friend get his new place all fixed up. It was a nice Sunday of Bed Bath 'n Beyond, Costco, and Walmart. Watch out world! We are too exciting around here! And, again, Joseph did really well until he got tired of Walmart (again, who could blame him). So now he's in bed and I'm supposed to be writing competencies (or something) for a workshop that I'm going to tomorrow (at 9:30...that will be a challenge all by itself). Too bad that my brain is complete oatmeal and I've lost a good chunk of my short-term memory due to lack of sleep over the past 8 months. Oh well...hopefully I can dig some edu-speak out of the less damaged parts of my head in not a lot of time because I'm really tired too...

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  1. Good luck with the competencies tomorrow. I have to sign up for that yet.

    Annika has rebelled against the marathon days we had this week by refusing to go to bed before 10:30 last night and Friday. The wrinkled-nose-winking is cute during most of the day, but not so much at 9:30 pm.