Thursday, November 6, 2008

Better intentions

So, I heard this on the radio today and thought that it totally kicked ass. Listen to it. Really.

Then, I had something that I was going to post...something about treating people the way that you wanted to be treated and life lessons learned along the way. But, Joseph woke up 45 minutes ago (after having slept for 45 minutes) and has been shreiking since then. So, whatever shards of concentration that existed in my brain have been thoroughly destroyed. Poor Little Man has had kind of an upset stomach/intestinal kind of thing for the last few days. Add a runny nose and a killer diaper rash and apparently that's a recipe for a very unhappy boy. The doctor told us months ago that he had 6 teeth on their way in. So far, we've seen 2. So, who knows? How do single parents do this...

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