Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's December. In New England. And, what do you know? There's weather! You would've thought that the world was going to end. Oh my goodness.

So, we haven't gotten our first real storm of the year, and it seems like people are just a hankerin' for some winter weather to talk about. The meteorologists out here just get all excited at the thought of snow. They must have to keep spare pants in the weather room. Do you think they each get their own drawer? We get Storm Watch and Weather Doppler and all kinds of scrolling information at the bottom of our TV screens. You'd think that we'd never seen the stuff before.

Gee, Maw, what's that white stuff? Is it a cushion so that I can drive my car ridiculously fast? No, it must slow my car down to a SCREACHING HALT! Unless, of course, you drive a jacked-up 4x4 pick-up truck (that may or may not have a snow plow attached to the front of it). Then it provides super-chargers to your vehicle so that you are able to speed past the other cars being driven by white-knuckled people FREAKING OUT at the RAIN (I swear, it's not even snowing. I'm not even kidding. It's RAINING!).

Good-ness. This happens every year. During the first "storm" people are all over the place. It's like they forget how to drive and they turn into whiney little wimps. Joseph had a doctor's appointment today that was like 40 minutes away from my school...people were telling me that I should leave early so that I beat the storm. IT'S RAINING PEOPLE! I will grant them that we're forcasted to cool off and the rain will turn to an icy mix of badness which will make driving more complicated, but, for now, IT'S RAINING! Gah.

Anyway, so we made it to Joseph's doctor's appointment despite the impending doom looming in the clouds over our heads. He came in at 18 lbs 13 oz and 30" long. For those of you wondering, that puts him in the (ready for this?) 8th percentile for weight and 52nd for height. I'm done worrying about this. He's a healthy, happy growing boy. Matt was little until he was like 16. So, whatever.

We've got an appointment with his ped-GI lady next week and he'll get some of his 12-month shots then. He's sheduled for like 6 or 7 of them including MMR. Sorry, folks, he's not getting MMR. Not now. He weighs less than half of other kids his age, and he doesn't need it right now. He'll get it, but not now. If anyone would like to weigh in on that, I'm open to thoughts, but I probably won't change my mind. He'll get his flu shot. Does he really need the chicken pox vaccine? Doesn't somebody's kid have chicken pox that he can share a spoon with? Hep A, I'm good with. Vaccinate that. Polio--check. What else is he supposed to get? I don't know. Urgh...I'm having a ranty evening, it would seem.

'Nuff. Time to go stir my chicken 'n dumplings...mmm...good storm food--unless, of course, the world comes to an end. Then, at least I'm going down with dumplings.


  1. So was the big talk today about if we would or would not have school tomorrow? Alex is DYING for a snow day, he is driving me crazy. I would do the snow dance if I didn't think it would leave me in coughing heap on the floor.

  2. Down with the dumplings. Heh.

    My favorite part of that post, though, was when, instead of "it's raining, people!!" I read, "it's raining people!" (like, it's raining cats and dogs, or, say, it's raining men).

    Do the chicken pox vaccine. I concede, it's not usually as dramatic as polio, but, bad stuff happens. And, you don't get shingles from the vaccine, whereas, licking a spoon can go either way.