Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, what with it being summer and all, I'm trying to read. I try to read all year, but I end up being slightly more successful with it during the summer. So far I've finished "The Secret Life of Bees" and "The Mermaid Chair," both by Sue Monk Kid. While I liked Bees better, I felt that I could relate a little bit better to Mermaid. Her language seems like its trying a bit too hard in places, but its still quite nice. Both of the books are about these women and their journeys to loving themselves and their lives. Part of those journeys is taking moments and cherishing them for their simple beauty.

I try to take snapshots of occurances (both literally and figuratively) so that I can remember how full of life I feel during those times. It's good for me to draw on that bank when I want to strangle my young-in for any
number of reasons...it seems as if the "terrible twos" have hit our house a bit early. It's okay, though, because I've learned (amongst other things) that this, too, shall pass. And, it will most likely pass entirely too quickly. So, I'm taking a lot of "snapshots" while my little boy still wants to snuggle with mama and read about trucks.

Now for those pictures...
We busted out the Chevelle...what do you know, the car seat fits?Joseph got a haircut. Well, he got most of them cut.18 months with Mona (May 27).Max and Jackie got married.Joseph danced the night away--which was hysterical.Max and Jackie went back to OK with this big yellow truck that Joseph got to drive.We went to Chicago to visit Matt's family. There were sheep.And cousins.And ponies. Oh my goodness...he LOVED the minnies (because horses say minnie minnie). "Minnie please. Minnie please. Minnie please."Keagan and Keith got married.So pretty.We had fun.And we had to check out the tractor.

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