Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday images

I wanted to share a couple of quick pictures since I haven't done that in a bit. For starters, I'd like to present, Mom of the Year (yeah, that's Cheez Doodles, AND soda):
Ma (Grandma; my mom) keeps Cheez Doodles for Joseph, so it's a special Ma's house treat. And I'd like to also present the grand accomplishment of my day yesterday:
My mom is hosting Empty Bowls at her school this week to benefit some local food pantries. As an additional fundraiser, they're selling these Stupid Sock Creatures. So, I made one to add to the pile. Yesterday morning he was an ordinary pair of striped socks. I think he's much cuter today :) Hopefully he fetches a good donation for a good cause.


  1. The sock creature is cute and I love Joseph's shoes! My grandparents always kept treats around that we didn't get at home so our visits were always extra special. :-)