Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things to make you smile

Joseph is convinced that labradors, as in the retrievers, are actually called leopard-dogs. We've been watching 101 Dalmations, and he gets very nervous when the dalmations dress up like labradors by rolling in the soot, and have to hurry to make it to the truck to get back to London. It's like the story is going to end differently this time...they might not make it! Ah well.

And, we were at the mall last night getting our Christmas pictures taken [because I'm feigning normalcy and competence] to beat the rush, and before our appointment at Foto Folks, we were killing some time on the silly little rides. You know the ones that cost 75 cents and move back and forth for like 3 minutes while some kid sits on it and pretends to drive? Yeah, those. Well, mom was cheaping out on the 25 cents/minute and holding out for the $2 carousel bribe ("Do you want to ride the carousel? Then you'd better do what the Foto Folk tells you to do! And smile!"), so he was just sitting on them while they were not moving.

These 5 or 6 high school kids were hanging out by the rides while we were climbing all over them and trying not to get the Pretty Christmas Shirt filthy prior to the pictures. No big deal. They had a look and attitude about them like they might not have a strict practice of making the best decisions, if you know what I mean. So, The Boy was climbing around and asking if we could turn the race car on, to which The Mom replied that, "I don't have any money, sweetie." Lies. Like I said, I was holding out for the big bribe. Well, these kids who kind of looked like they couldn't have given a crap about anyone besides themselves, start fishing around for change. One of them comes over to me with a handful of change and offers to pay for the kid's ride. I politely declined and explained the whole bribery situation, which they pretended to understand. But, it was so sweet. My heart was warmed. It was so kind and their simple gesture has stuck with me. I hope that I can remember to pass it on when it's my brain is such a wasteland these days, that might be hoping for a lot.

Oh well. Here's a cute picture. That should make you smile too. Who loves tractors?

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