Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sweet baby, and Matt

So, my mom scanned a picture of our little guy last night, but we saved it in the wrong format, so I'll try to get it up later today or something.

I've been thinking about this little guy an awful lot the past couple of days. Now that we know that he's a boy, it seems so much more real. When he's cruising around in there, I can almost see him. We're still working on names, so suggestions are welcome :) I bought curtains for his room yesterday and I'm hoping to start cutting his quilt out this weekend, too.

So, Matt is having the week of his life. Not only did he find out that we're having a boy, he's spending the weekend up at NHIS (the New Hampshire International Speedway) for the NASCAR race. One of the ladies that I work with also works up there, and she needed people to work security on the infield this weekend. So, I volunteered Matt and he's up there with a couple of our friends today and tomorrow. He sent me a text message this morning that he had been stationed at the entrance to pit row, and that the cup cars were driving right past him for practice. I guess that he's having fun. The weather is really nice today too, so he shouldn't get too hot. I hope that it goes well for him--Happy Anniversary, Babe!