Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Home Again

Although we had a lovely time visiting with everyone in Chicago, I must say that it's nice to be home again.

Matt's family was so good to us while we were out there, I can't even explain it. They're so excited about Little Guy, which is quite encouraging. They've been so generous with helping us get ready for him, too. We're now the proud owners of lots of little baby stuff that we'll be sure to use (like a travel system, play yard, high chair, and lots of clothes). We're on our way! I'm sure that the rest will fall into place as needed.

In the meantime, I'm starting to feel huge. I know that I've got a ways to go and that I'm really not even all that huge, but I just feel round. I think that Little Guy has a new trick too...he may be learning how to count, or something. It feels like he's tickling my ribs on one side. I figure that it's either the baby, or something else--obviously, huh? Either way it's an interesting feeling.

In other news, Staley is learning to be a quiet dog. She's always been a sweetheart, but she's had a tendency to be a little chatty. We thought that with the baby coming, life would be easier for all of us if she kept her thoughts to herself a bit more. So, while she was staying with my parents while we were gone, they started her on her quiet time, and she seems to be doing rather well. She's allowed to bark when it's reasonable for a dog to bark, but the rest of the time, she's taking it down a notch. It's making time with her much more pleasant.

It also seems that I'm down to about 3 weeks left of my summer break...time certainly flies!

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