Thursday, February 21, 2008

From Zero to...

So, this stay-at-home mom business is getting kind of busy. I was just getting the hang of taking care of Joseph and myself and most of the house (I say most because I truly detest cleaning and Matt will tell you that I really stink at it) when I had to go and throw these jobs into the mix. Sure, I can teach one night a week. It'll be good for me. Sure, I can do a little online thing for Discovery. Ten hours a week isn't too bad. Well...what's that they say about the best laid plans?

So, this class that I'm teaching is a brand new course for me which is requiring more than the 30 minutes that I get paid to plan each week (for a 3 hour course...thank you Nashua). And, this Discovery thing is pretty cool, but it's required quite a bit of coordination and late nights to complete since I can't quite concentrate the way that I need to with my little boy hanging around. Not to mention this little dog who hasn't quite figured out that she's a dog yet. This very moment she's got an all-out lean going on my left arm. I've pushed her away 3 times, but she's persistant and is making typing much more difficult than it should be. Oh well. We're all adjusting (or something like that). So, here's a picture of my darling dog (anyone want a pug?) with my darling boy. They've both got that devilish look about them :)

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  1. Joseph is too cute sitting in that litle chair thing. He looks like a big guy sitting up there.