Sunday, June 8, 2008

Food frustrations

So, our little man is small (just over 16 lbs). He's gone down in his weight percentiles and the doctors want him a little heavier. This is part of the acid-reflux diagnosis too. So, we're trying to stuff more food into him. Well, it's been like 100 degrees outside--how much do you want to eat when it's 100 outside? I'm also trying to find a productive balance between introducing foods and nursing so that I maintain as much milk as he needs and give him the foods that he needs too...this isn't easy. It's made even more complicated with a little boy who has figured out how to scream with his mouth shut. We'll figure it out, though, I'm sure. Now, for your viewing pleasure:
We like squash; we don't seem to like a lot of foods, but we like squash. And, it apparently tastes better when you put it in your mouth with your fingers. I'm learning a whole new kind of patience.
And when it's a million degrees outside, a little pool hits the spot! Check the Cubbies swim trunks--gotta support the team :) Here's hoping--Grandpa would love to see them go all the way!

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  1. aww Joe's cute in his pool picture! :)

    I found out today that I'm ranked 6 and Jenn is number 2! I got your message through Price...did you know I won the science academic achievement award? :)

    (You should come to graduation saturday and then you can sign my yearbook!)