Friday, June 6, 2008

6 months and ramblings

Well, here's the 6 month picture of our young man and Mona. This was at Grandma and Grandpa Krones's house too (like his 3 month--feel free to compare). He's sitting pretty well now. My friend Susan (well, actually her dad) says that this is the best age. We're enjoying it! He's not entirely mobile, but considerably sturdier than before. He's got quite a personality too and I'm loving getting to know him.
I could write so much about this last little trip that we went on, but I'm going to leave it at: Joseph is a wonder who never ceases to amaze and impress me and I am so proud of him!

Other ramblings:
  • Turns out that the doctor thinks that he's got reflux too, so now we're taking baby [cherry flavored, that'll be $3 extra but at least your baby will take it now] Pepcid.
  • We're up to: cereal, applesauce, and squash. Squash is our favorite.
  • It was 58 degrees today and is supposed to be 90-something tomorrow--what?!
  • Matt and I want a diesel VW after spending the last week in Max's--thanks for the "rental"!
  • Nashua is [hopefully...cross your fingers] coming through for me on a part-time position for next year--phew.
  • Things truly have found a way of working out for us so far this year and we count our blessings regularly.
  • Friends and family far from NH have been in lots of my thoughts lately, so I hope that you're all doing well--drop a line (or comment) if you're catching this.
  • Max takes the MCAT next Friday and is beginning his "blitzkrieg of studying" this week, so wish him smarts.
  • Matt and I are going on our first post-baby "date" tomorrow--lunch and Indy! I can't wait!
  • And, I can't wait to meet Miss Annika Lin--freshly home from China :) Check out this sweet face.

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