Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tummy Time

Well, Matt should be home from Montreal pretty soon. It's been raining here for approximately the past 24 hours with brief bouts of severe storms and tornado warnings. Never dull, I guess.

Joseph and I went to the pediatric GI specialist the other day. Turns out that he's a "textbook" reflux baby. And he's got "textbook" symptoms of dairy and soy sensitivities. So, I've gone non-dairy and soy-free (so much harder than it sounds), we've had to buy all new baby food (Gerber can't guarantee non-dairy, I guess), and we've got new tummy medicine: we're on Prevacid now in addition to our Pepcid. The good news is that he's still growing. He's up to 28" and 17 lbs 3.4 oz. I know that may not sound like much, but it's over 1/2 lb more than our last visit. He's not a weed, but he's growing. I'm just glad that he's getting more help for his little tummy and I hope that he gets excited about food in a couple of weeks when his Prevacid kicks in all the way.


  1. Just thought I'd say hi to another NH mom - found your blog through Carrie's!

  2. Found your blog through Kate! Too funny. Sorry to hear about Joseph's tummy, but I am glad there seems to be some solutions.

    MRSA! My goodness!

    Your pics are too cute.