Friday, August 1, 2008

So, I've been thinking...

...about quite a bit lately.

First, I'd just like to mention how lucky Matt and I are to have such wonderful friends. Please, if you're reading this, consider yourself one of those amazing people that we love, appreciate, and value. Recently we've had the opportunity to reconnect with a pile of friends that we hadn't seen or heard from in a while. A tribute to the friendships has been that we've been able to update each other and enjoy each others' company and conversation despite the time apart or out of touch. I've just been so heartened to realize what genuinely wonderful people we know and have been fortunate enough to share various chapters of our lives with. And, I've got to admit that I'm loving finding old (and new) friends on Facebook. It's been so neat to see what people are up to and read their blogs and look at their pictures and know that they're doing the same to me :) I know it's kind of odd (is it?), but it's kind of cool, too.

Then, there's this bone I'd like to pick with FDR. Well, not really, probably, but he seems as good as any person to blame this guilt I'm feeling on. [For you grammar folk, I know that's the second sentence that I've ended with a preposition.] Apparently, FDR was the one who encouraged women to enter the workforce and make something of themselves while their men were off fighting and dying. So here I am, a pile of years later, with a perfectly valid college degree that has made it possible for me to do a wonderful job that I love and that I don't think that I'm too bad at. [3] And, I've got this wonderful little boy that I love more than anything that I'd like to make sure becomes a good and productive member of his world. Why do I feel like these two things can't happen at the same time? I don't know. I figured out, when my job share fell through, that whatever I chose to do this coming school year would give me grief. I would either find another job share to spend more time with Joseph and eat macaroni without cheese due to our financial constraints. Or, I would go back full time to earn a full salary and put Joseph in day care. Eh. So, I've decided to go back full time. I've waffled on this so much, and I'm still not convinced that I'm making the right decision, but I feel really good about the place that we've found for Joseph. And, it seemed to me that part of raising a child was to provide a safe and happy home that could function on its own. So, there we are.

Now the quick things that I've been thinking about:
  • A bark controlling collar is the greatest invention ever.
  • Thank goodness for baby consignment stores.
  • I love outside, I just wish that it wasn't so sticky so often this summer.
  • School will be starting WAY too soon.
  • I love my new vacuum cleaner (it really sucks!).
  • Am I really going to be driving a mini-van?
  • There is dairy in so much food...I really like ice cream and cheese. :(
  • I hope that Joseph grows out of this allergy, but worse things could happen.
  • Why has it taken me so long to pick up a Jodi Picoult book? She's great!
  • I'll post some more pictures after this weekend--we've got some fun stuff planned with our friends who have come in to visit.

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