Monday, September 22, 2008


Kate has blogged briefly about this before, and I've found myself in this vein. Facebook asks you to update your status to those who may be interested in what you're doing. People come up with all kinds of stuff, and it seems that I often choose just one of many options. So, today we went with: Allison has the Back-to-School Cold. or something like that. Other options may have been:

's head is full of snot and therefore making coherent thinking rather difficult.
is just plain ol' sick.
had a great time at a beautiful wedding this weekend.
is so impressed with her very pregnant cousin!
is moderately concerned about this chesty cough that Joseph's developed.
thinks that VapoRub is a fascinating invention.
is really tired.
has become a knitting fiend.
is trying to get caught up on the baby hats that are owed to about a dozen or so babies...and thus has become a knitting fiend.
is already bored with grading papers.
would love to take a nap...ever.
can't believe that her dog peed on the floor this morning.
is feeling a little guilty for not letting her dog out earlier so that she didn't have to pee on the floor this morning.
really hopes that her dog doesn't have fleas.
wants a new digital camera.
got a screaming kick out of David Sedaris this past weekend.
recommends anything David Sedaris to everyone.
much preferred listening to David Sedaris read his book than reading it herself.
should go to bed now.
is waiting up to see her husband that she hasn't seen since early Thursday morning.
is hoping that her husband brought her cool presents from Colorado and Chicago, but won't be upset if he didn't.
is hopeful for the future.
is wondering if we can afford a new (used) car/van.
needs to schedule Joseph's 9 month pictures now that he's almost 10 months old.
is looking forward to the Deerfield Fair this weekend and some good horse pullin' (pronounced "hass pullin'").
needs to schedule Joseph's 12 month well-baby checkup.
's head is full of what seems like a million random thoughts.
is really going to go to bed now...and read until Matt comes home.

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