Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Triumphant return

Well, they got one! My mom and I were leaving our haircuts this afternoon when Matt called from my parent's house along with my dad and my cousin, Nathan. They got their moose and had returned safely. Thank goodness.

Long story...the poor moosey got "harvested" yesterday afternoon. My dad and Nathan apparently had a nice and productive hunt. It wasn't like hunting roadkill, they actually hiked around and "rustled up a moose." It took 7 guys to drag it out of the woods (at like 9:30 Monday night) and the mile or so back to the road. Yikes. Nothing like 600 lbs of dead moose dragging behind you...in the dark...in like 30 degree weather...up and down mountains...not on trails. Eih. The things that people do for sausage.

I have to say that the funniest line from the story came from my cousin, who just has that knack for telling stories--you know, one of those guys who can make tying your shoes sound exciting. Anyway, since they'd pulled a cow permit, they had to prove that they'd taken a cow. That means that they had to produce the cow parts. So, Nate said that he found himself having a conversation that he never imagined he'd ever have to have: "So, where, exactly, is the vagina on this moose, here?" The good news (besides their safe return) is that their moosey was a lady who didn't have any calves and wasn't critical to any other moosey lives. She must've been a particularly ugly moose. Or a real bitch. Poor moosey. I'm sure she'll make great sausage...if I can bring myself to eat it...

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