Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Festival II

One of the cool things about New England in the fall is the pumpkin festivals that end up all over the state. We went to the one in Milford a couple of weeks ago and ended up in Keene today. Matt was marching in the [mass of people walking down the street] "parade", so we even got free preferred parking! The last time that we went out to this one was a few years ago, and things hadn't changed too much. My folks met us out there and walked around a bit too. The impending rain managed to hold off, too, so it was all good.
Enjoy some pics from the day.
Joseph was all bundled up...he could hardly put his arms down!
The pumpkins were lined up all up and down the street. I don't think that any world records were broken this year, but there were lots of squash!
I thought this one was cute...I'm a nerd. Check out the glow sticks--no candles, apparently.
Daddy and Joseph got taped by some lady who was taping the festivities.
I think he was a little overwhelmed by the masses of people. And he hates wearing hats. But, he kept it on and let us stage him...kind of begrudgingly. His face cracks me up in this one.


  1. I was totally wanting to go to Keene today, too! We thought we'd be rained out if we went! BOO HOO! So we TOTALLY need to hook up this week! Halloween plans? The girls got their outfits today... a witch and a bear. I can't believe I found the stuff at the second hand store, too!

  2. Oh my gosh, Joseph is ADORABLE.