Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cooling off

Well, it would seem that fall has fallen, or something like that. It was 16 degrees out when we woke up this morning. So, Joseph wore his spiffy new winter jacket to school today. It's a little big. We wanted to make sure that it'd last him the whole winter (which has a tendency to last until April or May sometimes), so we got a bigger size. He looks like Randy...a tick ready to pop. I rolled the sleeves, eventually, so that he could at least see his fingers. He's got snowpants to go with it too.
Then, yesterday he had his first taste of Oreo. They're non-dairy, so they're okay! He was quite content with it until a dog stole it out of his fingers. Oh well.


  1. i love the giant coat! At least it'll keep his fingers warm! I'm glad he's getting to eat some fun foods like oreos. Does that mean he's turning into a little chubby boy :)

  2. He is just too cute. I love that smile. Especially all coated in oreo crumbs! And that jacket's hilarious - but a wise decision!