Thursday, November 20, 2008

Damage control

Please understand that the previous post in no way means that things are falling apart at the seams of our lives. We are fabulously blessed in so many ways, and I'm not so bummed that I don't realize it or treasure the little things.

For example: Joseph and I went to Walmart after I picked him up this afternoon and we were there for like an hour and a half...we needed a ton of stuff. We were cruising the aisles and Joseph decided that we should play peek-a-boo. So, he started hiding behind Linus like he likes to do...he holds the blanket over his face, I say "Where's Joseph?", he pulls the blanket down with a big smile on, and I say "There he is!". We both laugh and play again. All of the little grandmas walking around the store got a huge kick out of us. It makes me feel good that he makes other people smile--he's such a sweet boy. And, I bought a candle "1" for his birthday next week! Unbelievable!

1 comment:

  1. Awww. He is such a cutie. Can't believe he's almost a year!

    No, of course not. But it's important to vent some of that sometimes so you CAN appreciate the good stuff when it wanders down the aisle past you in Wal-Mart. With a blanket named Linus. That's my favorite part of the story. He he.

    Have I mentioned what a cutie he is?

    And I maintain my position on good therapy. Although I concede I may have a bias, there. I like to think if it as "insider knowledge."