Saturday, November 1, 2008

New camera and Fisher Price

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
I got my new camera
For my birthday today!
...even though my birthday was 2 months ago...

I promise to post pictures as soon as I plug it in. Although, consider yourself warned that the pictures that I'm planning on posting are from Moose Hunt Part II, aka Sausagefest I.

What's the deal with Fisher Price these days? Does every toy require flashing lights, batteries, and random noises? I'm pretty sure that I learned how to play rather efficiently without said gizmos. Playskool and Little Tikes don't put flashy ADD-inducing stimulants on every toy...just some of them. So, we're turning into a Playskool house. Even books have gizmos! What the heck, people?! Joseph is just as happy with a wooden spoon and a water bottle. Humf.

And, I'm going to try this NaBloPoMo or whatevertheheckitis...where you post every day in November. No promises, but we'll give it a shot.


  1. What is post everyday in November???

  2. YAAAAY!!! Don't forget to get yourself listed in the Blogroll. And you should tack up a little badge, which links to NaBloPoMo and answers all sorts of questions.


    PS - happy birthday! Er, happy new camera day...