Sunday, November 2, 2008


Yeah, pictures from my new camera!

So, yesterday Matt and I had breakfast with some dear friends who have recently returned to NH. After breakfast, we stopped by my folks to pick up my new camera and so that Matt could help my dad process some of the moose. Some small portion of the moose turned into sausage yesterday. Another small portion turned into moosaka and another some chili. As far as I can tell--it's delish!
Matt helped my dad pick a couple of bushels of apples too--my folks have a couple of trees that are packed full of apples. The mac has been picked clean already, the golden delicious only had 4 apples this year (it was an off year, I guess), and we picked the winesaps and Arkansas blacks today. Joseph helped.
He even tried out his new teeth on one of them. Check out the pugs in the background :)

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  1. I so love baby orchard pictures. And I totally love that hand-in-the-cookie-jar (apple basket, whatever) face!!