Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One year ago: Part II

This year: busy, busy, busy...Matt's folks and I were out pretty early to go shopping and then meet Matt at work for lunch. After lunch, we all headed out to a huge Christmas shop to thrust ourselves into the holiday spirit. Then we headed back to get a fish dinner for Matt's dad's birthday...and some balloons for Joseph's birthday tomorrow.

Last year: I checked myself into the hospital at 8am wearing my "big momma" maternity pants...never to be worn again! After many hours of a pitocin drip, and little "action," finally things started moving...around 5pm. So, we kept on going for a few more hours and then rolled ourselves over to maternity to spend the night and return to labor and delivery the following morning. I should point out that I was due on the 17th, and I kind of wondered if that was the right date given my history of a relatively irregular cycle. All of my ultrasounds measured the right way maybe he was just cozy.
I made a pie tonight too...certainly beats hospital food and pitocin. The Ambian that they gave me last year was nice, though.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you were so cute!

    Most anything beats hospital food and pitocin. But, very few things end so well!