Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sleepytown, Population: me

Sooooo tired.......

Joseph is finally cutting his bottom two teeth and was absolutely miserable last night. He went to bed early and then woke up about 11:50. We snuggled and nursed and he fell asleep again. I laid him down and he started scratching at his face, which woke him up, so he started crying. Blah blah blah...repeat the same steps until about 1:20. At that point, I decided that it was time for him to "self soothe," or time for him to yell himself to sleep since nothing that I was doing was helping him get there. Matt decided that probably wasn't a good idea and took his turn until 2:30 when he finally stayed asleep. Needless to say, he was a tired cookie today at day care...not to mention mom and dad who are kind of like the walking dead. My dad says that I work on my eye makeup when I get so tired...I get disgusting huge purple rings under my eyes--so attractive!

So, I'm going to bed. I'm only going to read one chapter of Twilight first...

In the meantime, go check out Carrie's blog. She's taking a stab at daily blogging in December, and her kids are way mad cute too!


  1. its impossible to read just one chapter of twilight

  2. awww poor guy! Just remember, this too shall pass....

  3. I already screwed up and am only 6 days into the month. I started watching movies last night and forgot to blog. Guess I'll make up for it another day.