Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Loose ends

Couple things:

Kate passed this on to me a little while ago, and I need to respond...but I'm still deciding. Do people count as things, or do they need to be non-living, or at least non-human?

I finished my first stupid sock creature and, appropriately addicted, started my next. Matt came home to find a pair of his socks dismembered. I'm starting to look at socks as potential creatures instead of things to put on my feet. I'm ill.

I knit through one skein for the cutest hat ever and need to pick up the next one...I should finish this one pretty soon.

I know that I still owe pictures. One day you're going to tune in and see all kinds of fo's :)

The Egg (as in, our Thanksgiving turkey was cooked on it) is an amazing piece of equipment that my dad's a giant green ceramic smoker/cooker thing. It's officially called the Big Green Egg, and it makes some good stuff. Max and Jackie make some kick-ass pizzas on the egg.

Back to knitting and Twilight...


  1. Ohhhh, THAT's an egg!

    Well, I took my dog, so I'm guessing you can take who/whatever you want. At least according to my rules, and since I tagged you and all...

  2. Enjoy twilight...I breezed through all four books in about a month or so. There's sooo addicting! I highly recommend her other book, The Host, too. It's equally addicting and a little more adult level. Hope all's well.

  3. I want a stupid sock guy for Addison... do they have images somewhere so I can make some too!!!