Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some numbers and news from this "storm"

69: hours that the power has been off.
2: nights that we've spent away from our house (including the one to come).
6: fish that have frozen in our fish tank, so far.
6: remaining fish...
3: utility trucks that I've seen today...seems like more would be needed...
191,000: electrical customers still not with service.
2: "snow days" off of school so far, including tomorrow.
1: showers that I've taken since Thursday.

It'd be nice if the power would come back on. All things considered, though, we're so lucky in this whole situation. At this point my biggest concern is Waldo--my turtle who lives at school. His lights are on a timer, and if the building has been without power, Waldo has been chilly. He's not a very big turtle, so I hope that he makes it. I'll be sad if he freezes.

So, like I said, my folks have a generator. We tried to hook it up to our furnace last night with no success. One of our neighbors helped us set it up today, though, so that we could heat our place up a little. After a couple of hours, it warmed up to 63. After dinner it was back down to 59.

Hopefully tomorrow...

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  1. If you need anything give us a call, we are here and if there is anything we can do, please let us know, we can have a bug sleepover if needed... Let me know...