Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week in Review (the moderately short version)

So, after last Tuesday when I stayed home with a slightly croupy Joseph, I proceeded to stay home with a feverish and generally miserable Joseph on Wednesday. Matt stayed home with still feverish, but on the mend Joseph on Thursday, and we all got to go back to school on Friday. Which happened to be when both Matt and I woke up with colds...gee, where did that come from? And, Mr. Joseph cut a molar! I know, really! I figure that was part of the problem, maybe, but he's been really fussy with food lately, so I'm guessing that his mouth kind of hurts since I can feel the other one on the top busting through, too. So, that 19 lbs 14 oz of last week...oh well...maybe in another month.

And, my mom and I went to see Ultimate Manilow on Wednesday night. I got her the tickets for Christmas since she's somewhat of a Fanilow. She was legitimately surprised (something kind of difficult to achieve), and since my dad didn't want to go (I believe his exact words were something on the order of "No way in hell"), I got to go with her! I'm not a real Fanilow, but I can appreciate good music and an impressive show, and this offered both! For a guy who's got to be pushing 70, his voice is in amazing condition, and I'm pretty sure that he was actually singing [almost] the whole show. He's had some "work" done, and I think he was wearing a wig, but he was still a wonderfully kind, gracious, and professional musician. He also wore at least 6 different sparkly blazers throughout the night, and you know how I like sparkly things :)

So, that's been the week. Now, we're moving into "damage control" mode as we get the house in order for some guests this weekend. Matt's roommate from college and his wife are joining us for a ski weekend (I should mention that I'm a bit terrified to hit the slopes this year since I haven't moved my lazy ass off of the couch in like 2 years and haven't skied in that long either...I hope I don't break something or have a freaking heart attack). Matt keeps telling me to "clean off the treadmill." He's so helpful. Then, Joseph and I are headed to sunny Florida with my mom for our February break the following weekend. I know that Florida's been in like the 30s lately, so hopefully it'll be a little warmer by the time we get there... And, I finished Breaking Dawn. Eih. Too tidy, although I did shed a couple of tears towards the end. I'm pretty sure that was just because I'm hormonal.

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