Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We survived skiing!

It seems as if so much, and yet so little, has happened since my last post. Joseph got better. Valentine's Day was very nice--Matt sent an Edible Arrangement to me at school. Our friends from Chicago came out to stay with us last weekend and we had a lovely time. I didn't die on the side of Waterville Valley--we actually had a very nice day and it was a ton of fun! We hit the Museum of Science in Boston on Sunday and were in search of chowda (blech) on Monday. Joseph spiked a pretty high fever (103) last night, so we chilled at home today. Of course he woke up cool as a cucumber, perky and chipper. He even ate a hot dog for lunch (except for the bite that the dog stole)! So, enjoy some pictures--I know that's why you all check this thing, anyway ;)
A beautiful day in our neighborhood.
Thanks for the digger book, Babcia! We've already read it like 1000 times...
My sweet Valentine seems to be a car guy already. He always seems to go for the red sportscars--at least he's got good taste!
Me not being dead on the top of Waterville.
We skied that.
Not Sue, but still cool.
He partied 'till he pooped out. He was pretty convinced that he didn't need any naps. He tried really really hard (he made it from about 6:30 am until about 5 pm), but sleep finally won.
Matt's mom got me this little grow-an-evergreen thing for Christmas, and they're growing! Yeah! And the Macro setting on my camera is pretty spiffy too :)
Not sure what it is about kids and washing machines. I should pick up a copy of Corduroy...
You can't tell (since it's a still shot), but he was actually waving at his rocketship pjs in the washer. So cute!


  1. Thanks for sharing those pictures... In winter, Skiing is my favorite...

  2. Hey, I was at the museum on Saturday! Lol, even have the same dino pic

  3. My gosh, he's getting SO big! Joseph is starting to look like a little boy and less like a baby. Awww.