Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Busy, busy, busy...
Matt played trumpet for both services today. We went to the first one (8:00) and he sounded quite nice :) Joseph did very well and he and Matt were dressed alike. I didn't take a picture, but I wish that I had...they were both in khaki pants with dark blazers: Joseph's was an adorable black corduroy (with patches on the elbows) that Matt's folks got him, and Matt's was the standard navy blue. They were so cute! And, the churchy crowd gushed over him (again). This is a picture of Joseph in "patches" from Ben's wedding last weekend. Pretend that he's wearing khaki's...and not sitting on the floor of a hotel room.
Then, we regrouped at our place, opened our Easter baskets from Matt's folks, called Chicago, read Pat the Bunny (from his Chicago basket), and headed over to my folks a little later. My mom got Joseph a GIANT dump truck as an Easter basket and filled it with other toys and candy. It was a hit:
By the time that we left he'd slept for an hour and a half all day and had played his little heart out. So, he was wiped. He fell asleep in the car, and I had a Super Mom moment. I'm pretty impressed: I was able to take him out of his car seat, upstairs, completely change his clothes (and diaper!), and get him up into his crib all tucked in without him waking up at all! See--jacket, sweatshirt, shirt, bodysuit, jeans, shoes off, new diaper, pj pants, and pj tops on. Let's just hope that he stays sleeping...


  1. Happy Easter! Joseph is so cute. He's getting so big. I love the pics.

  2. Love the pics! We watched Joseph videos all afternoon yesterday - we sure miss you guys! Super mom indeed - you must teach me your ways.

  3. Lol, he always takes the cutest pics!