Friday, November 13, 2009

Big Boy Words

It's just been hitting me that my baby boy is rapidly turning into a little boy. As his second birthday is right around the corner, it's been so neat to watch him change. And, his language is in one of those "booms" that I'm sure happens with language development. He learns new words every day and does really well with applying words that he knows to describe things that he doesn't...hard to explain, but neat to see.

Anyway, with this multitude of words has come better pronunciation of some old favorites. For example, we're up to "tra-tur" from "tur-tur" for tractor. "Tray" is up from "tee" for train. And, we don't have "wee-woo tuck"s anymore, we have "fie enn"s for fire engines. Can you tell that we talk about a lot of transportation? A particular favorite of mine is "hay-tra-tur" for helicopter. It kind of sounds like heli-tractor, which I find terribly amusing.

I know that we'll work our way through this baby talk, but it's kind of bittersweet to realize that he's growing out of it already. Obviously, I don't want him to be 10 and talking about heli-tractors, but some of his words are really cute. And, he's figured out how to say his name. I know that this might be a little late for that, but I think that the "J" sound is kind of difficult to put together. He used to just refer to himself as "baby," but we're up to "Do-suf", which I think is pretty good.

I'm able to understand almost all of what he says, and he's really good at showing you what he's talking about if you don't understand it. I realize that, to an outside adult, he probably sounds rather incoherent, but we're getting there. A couple of words that he's never seemed to have an issue with are "no" and "mine." Go figure. I hope to record him babbling away one of these days so that I can play it for him when he's 15 and embarrass the hell out of him. Heh heh heh. ;)

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