Sunday, November 15, 2009

Every family has one, I guess...

The kid who won't eat. That's mine.

I hear about all of these kids of my friends who are like 14 months and 28 pounds or something like that. Joseph will be 2 in 2 weeks, is probably 33" (if we're lucky), and about 23 or 24 pounds. Food has never particularly been an interest for him. He was diagnosed with reflux at about 8 months old, but it had been bothering him since he was probably about 4 months old. So, he had a sour stomach while he was first experiencing lots of foods, and he didn't eat much because it hurt his stomach. We also figured out at that point that he had a dairy sensitivity, which apparently also made food a little less than appealing.

So, now I've got a kid who's almost 2 and doesn't eat much at all. Thankfully he takes his gummy vitamins, but it's a challenge to get food groups into him. He liked veggies when he was little--corn and peas were always hits. Now? Nope. He shoots them across the room. Beans? No. Tomatoes? No. Potatoes? No. Broccoli? No. You get the picture. It's kind of frustrating to hear that other people's kids will eat anything and everything, and mine would rather go hungry. I'm guessing that he'll grow out of it, and he does go hungry from time to time as we try to teach him to eat what's available.

So, I've learned how to sneak a bit of nutrition into him. V8 Fusion is a big favorite. He likes the Orange-Tangerine the best. It tastes like fruit juice, but actually has vegetables in it. We found these juice boxes called Fruitables made by Apple and Eve that are the same thing. Hopefully he'll learn to enjoy food...not that I want a rolly poly round kid, but it'd be okay if he tried new stuff.


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