Friday, November 20, 2009

The Hunt

Well, it's just me and my little boy this weekend. Matt has ventured to northern parts in hunt of the prevalent deer. He's got a license to shoot "anything that walks in front of me," says he. Apparently it's for bucks and black bear. I know that he's excited about this and I hope that he has a good time with my brother and my dad. I just hope that they all make it back safely and all that stuff.

And, Max and my dad came by this afternoon while they were waiting for Matt to get home from work. So, Joseph and I got to hang out with them for a bit. Joseph was so funny. He was showing off all of his tractors and trucks. Then he had to show Max how he runs up and down the hallway "boom"ing into things with his giant dump truck (which he just got back after repeatedly "push[ing] Staley dog"). It was just too cute. Hopefully we'll be able to see them a bit Sunday night when they get home from The Hunt. Otherwise, we'll wait until Christmas.

After everyone left, I learned that "Joseph ride Papa new truck Max Dada." Apparently he wanted to go with...maybe in ten years or so...

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