Friday, December 4, 2009


It would seem that Joseph is figuring out the whole Santa thing. We were at a local(ish) Christmas store last weekend, so I took the opportunity to explain Santa Claus to him. I told him that Santa brings presents to boys and girls on Christmas and that he could ask Santa for a toy. He decided that he wanted to ask Santa for a truck, and that was it. He's been pointing out Santa's all over the place, and last night was absolutely precious.

We were watching The Polar Express on TV (it was right at the end), and he was totally enamored with Santa, the Christmas tree, and the train. He started talking about asking Santa for a truck again, "Ask Santa truck." Then the list grew, "Ask Santa car. Ask Santa airplane. Ask Santa train." Then he says to me, "See Santa." "We'll go and see Santa, sweetie." "See Santa. Ask Santa truck." "We will go and see Santa, but not right now." "Not now. See Santa." Then it got interesting. "Mama GET UP!" So, I get up. He walks into the dining room. "'Mon Mama." (like, c'mon, Mama). He's standing by the door. "See Santa." Apparently he felt a certain sense of urgency and needed to see Santa NOW. He brought it up again tonight with no prompting at all. "Ask Santa train." So, we're going to go see Santa this weekend.
Hopefully he's not totally terrified by him when he sees him. We shall see, though.

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  1. freakin' cute. Although if his list is that long at this age, I don't want to know what it looks like when he's 5!