Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't. Stop. Me. Now!

It's been a pretty good couple of days!

Most recently, my project on was fully funded today! Apparently, one of the vendors that I was using was matching donations, and that ended up fully funding my little project that included a flip video camcorder and some headsets with microphones. So, yeah! I posted the project at the beginning of this tech course that I've been taking, and it got funded at the end of this tech course that I've been taking. Fab!

Tomorrow, one of my students is getting his hip rebuilt. He has Femoroacetabular Impingement (heh it). Ok, in real-person words: the top of his femur (big, long, leg bone) doesn't fit into his hip socket the right way, and his hip socket is the wrong shape to begin with. So, he's getting the head of his femur re-shaped and his socket broken in 5 places, put back together, and then his femur appropriately placed back in. On his right side. They'll do the left side later. Ugh. This is all happening tomorrow and he'll be out of school for almost a month. So, we had a surprise party for him on Friday, it was cute. He was surprised. I was happy. We played Operation.

Matt's feeling better. That's good. His doctor isn't 100% convinced that he has diverticulitis, so he's going to have another CT-scan to confirm the diagnosis. We're kind of hoping for something different, but we can deal with the diverticulitis. He sees his doctor again on Wednesday.

Then, on Saturday, Matt took Joseph for a boy day: they got haircuts, they went to lunch, they went to Napa and got rotors and brake pads for my car, then they went to Tractor Supply and looked at tractors. I got almost 4 hours in my own house all by myself. I love my boys, but as an oldest child (who is 8 years older than my beloved sib), I need my quiet time by myself. Many people don't get that...but you other oldest/onlies out there know what I'm sayin'. It was awesome. So, I made a blanket for my Femoroacetabular Impingement student. And, I read my book (a Ken Follett called The Pillars of the Earth that I'm completely hooked on), and I got caught up on Project Runway. It was basically fabulous. And, we wrapped up the evening with some friends and Step Brothers. A great day, all-around.

Hopefully this was just one of many more to come, I feel like I'm on a roll! So, Don't. Stop. Me. Now! I'm havin' such a good time, I'm havin' a ball!


  1. My dad and I read Pillars of the Earth over the summer. We both loved it! So I bought him the sequel called World Without End for his birthday in Oct. and I just finished reading it last night. Love them both! And if you like the first one you'll like the second one. :-)

  2. More info on the hip issues can be found here:

    Good luck to "your student"~

  3. Glad to hear you had a great day and you got your project funded. Hope your student does well with the surgery!

  4. I knew you would appreciate the blanket. ;-)