Monday, March 8, 2010


How did it get to be March already?! I'm sorry that I've neglected this blog. I've been working on my other blog a little bit more...since it's a grade, and this isn't. But, I'll bring you up to date.

Joseph and I went to Florida, again, with my mom for our February break a couple of weeks ago. This trip was sooooo different from last year. He played in the sand, we rode the train (4 times), we didn't swim in the pool as much, we shopped, and we chilled. Somehow, though, I ended up coming home from this vacation more exhausted than when we left...probably part of the reason that I haven't updated this blog. We also came home with more trucks. I'll post pictures at some point.

I think that the constant attention that Joseph required just drained me. Although, it was easy to find him wherever we were. He was either the kid screaming "MAMA!", or the kid screaming "NO!", or the kid bashing his cars into things, or he was the kid running in the opposite direction of me. Sometimes I kind of wanted to let him go...but, at all times, he was the kid wearing the Brian Urlacher jersey. I'm not exaggerating when I say that he's worn that shirt every day for the last three weeks, save three or four.

They had a tea party at day care last Friday that required him to dress up. So, he wore a spiffy little button-down shirt with green and white stripes (it was so cute!). And his football jersey. Thankfully, his wonderful lady was able to get him into the cute little argyle sweater vest that I sent with him. But, the football shirt was back on before we even left. He's wearing it today over his bulldozer shirt (which he called a snowplow shirt, for some reason today). Yesterday, the only reason that he didn't wear it was because it wasn't dry when we left for the emergency room at 8:15am.

Oh yeah, that's another story.

Long story...short version: Matt doesn't have appendicitis, he has diverticulitis. I'm feeling really badly for him because it seems like he really hurts a lot, and I think that he's kind of bummed about the diagnosis because we're not entirely sure what it means. I think that it's going to be a kind of trial period to get things back on track once he stops hurting so much. Poor guy :(

And, I just wanted to repeat something that actually came out of my mouth while we were getting Matt's new glasses last week (which are awesome, by the way): You know that you're a mom when you have tickets to the carousel and tickets to the train in your wallet, and absolutely no cash.

Ah well. It's all good.

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