Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Fabric of Our Lives: Quilting Part III

I found the cord to my camera! So, prepare to be dazzled ;)

For starters, I'd like to introduce you to my trusty steed. And my dog.The machine is inside the table. The table used to be in Joseph's room, but now it lives in the hallway. The hallway is not the best place to try to sew anything, especially because when it's opened up, the leaf blocks the bathroom door. So, most of the time it lives all closed up with plants on top of it. It's not fancy, and I've recently learned that it's 40 years old.Next, welcome to some of my friends.
This is the baby quilt that my mom made for me. She was so convinced that I was going to be a boy that it is mostly blue. And, it's made out of my dad's old work shirts--gotta love the 70's.This is the baby quilt that my great-grandmother Maxwell made for me. She made them for all of us cousins/great-grandkids, and I'm pretty sure that I got the last one. All of them are pretty similar, and mine is in great shape. You can't see too well, but the big blocks have little animals in black-work in them.This is the baby quilt that my mom made for Joseph. It's got some cute little kid prints on it, and he loves it.
This is the quilt that I started for Joseph. It's clearly (well, maybe not clearly, but it is) a bit large. And unfinished. But, I still like it lots. I just have to decide how I'm going to quilt it so that it doesn't take me years. Suggestions?And, this is the top of Baby Frankie's quilt. I bought the orange border after I assembled the top. I think that if I had planned on the orange border, I would have organized more orange pieces to not be on the edge. But, I'm still happy with the way that it came out. It should finish out to be about 48" x 55" ish. Like I said before, it's not typical baby colors, but I like it's modern kind of look. So, that's that. There's a little more going on around here, but I promised quilting pictures. I hope that you have enjoyed them and perhaps you've even gotten a bit of inspiration. Feel free to let me know what you think!


  1. I like the one your mom made for Joseph. It kind of reminds me of marbles. I also like the one you started for him. Seems like a neat pattern. Maybe some day you can teach me. :-)

  2. OK, I'm not sure if I wasn't supposed to see this yet, but I LOVE IT!!!! You are an amazing crafty lady. And Matt's right - you need to get your stuff on Etsy.

    A million thank yous from me and Frankie! :) Can't wait to see you guys in July!