Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Creation

Matt and Joseph had a haircut appointment this morning. So, I took the opportunity to create something else! I've forgotten how much I love sewing.

When I went last week to buy the border, backing, and batting for Frankie's quilt, Joseph started getting wise to the whole fabric store thing. It got to the point that when we walked into JoAnn Fabric's (for the fourth-ish time) he just stopped inside the door and said, "I no want this store." After further conversation, the volume had escalated, and I resorted to bribery. I know, a weak moment. But, it worked. I got what I needed, and Joseph chose some truck fabric. He shopped all of the assorted truck fabrics, and was quite happy with his choice; he was too adorable carrying the bolt around the store. I washed and dried it and he's been laying down on the fabric on the floor for the past couple of days.

I knew that I wanted to make a pillowcase after my friend at school made a kick-ass pillowcase for our femoroacetabular impingement student (for whom I made a blanket, and who is coming back to school on Monday--yeah!). So, I shopped some patterns online (really, it's not that difficult to make a glorified bag, but there are a couple of different techniques) and chose this one. It's got French seams to keep the raw edges on the inside from fraying. I don't know how necessary they are, I just really kind of wanted to try them.
So, here's the product:I hope that he likes it. I'm actually a little nervous that he'll be disappointed that it isn't fabric anymore. But, hopefully once he realizes that he can sleep on it, it will sweeten the deal.

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