Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ok, so I'm doing this Couch-to-5K thing. I've done 6 "workouts." I decided to do the first week's cycle for two weeks for a couple of reasons. The Week 1 routine involves a 5 minute warm-up, 20 minutes of 1-minute-run and 90-second-walk, and a 5 minute cool-down. 30 minutes total. Like I've said, I'm slow. And, I want to be successful, so I'm trying not to go crazy; I'm trying to moderate myself.

In anticipation of my Week 2 schedule which is supposed to begin tomorrow, I was running a little bit longer because I felt like I could and should. So, the past two times, I've done my 20 minutes of 75-second-run and 75-second-walk. I feel pretty good when I'm done, actually. Which is so damned annoying--it means that the exercise is really good for me and that my body can deal with it.

As an aside, I've done the past two walk/runs to freakin' preschool tv, which has really sucked. My little friend likes to hang out with me, and PBS Sprout or the freakin' Disney Channel entertain him while he keeps asking me, "Mama, what 'cha doin'?" pant pant "Running." "Oh, runnin'." Handy Manny and freakin' Max and Ruby are not cutting it for me. I find myself wanting to die for a whole other reason.

But, my knees really hurt. Last night I could hardly go up and down stairs. I iced them last night, and have felt much better today, but I'm scared to do my routine tomorrow morning. I don't want to skip one and fall off the wagon, but I really don't want to hurt myself.

Help! This is all pretty new to me, so I would love some advice.


  1. I supppose the knee thing depends. Does it hurt while running or just after? If it's during, I would take it easy (maybe just walk the entire 30 min. so you don't miss too much). If it's after, it might just be your body adjusting. If ice makes it feel better, keep doing that post-work and see what happens. I'm no doctor so you have to do what you think it best. I don't want you suing me for malpractice. :-)

  2. Sneakers are only good for 300-500 miles usually. Some don't even last that long. I can tell when the cushioning on mine goes. Good luck!