Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I realize that I've been a bit lacking in the "visual aide" department lately. So, I've got some pictures for you.
Joseph loves trains. We decided to take the commuter rail into Boston last week just because we could, and we enjoyed a nice day downtown.See, he likes trains.Haymarket was booming.The harbor was pretty.Joseph liked watching the people.
And, (drum roll, please) Baby Frankie's quilt is done! I wrapped up the last seams today. Joseph helped by taking the pins out, and nearly falling on his silly little head.
So, I present the front:And the back:I really like the back. It certainly isn't perfect, but it certainly isn't too bad! I hope that Baby and Mom like it :) What do you think?


  1. The quilt came out really nice.
    I love the picture of Joseph people watching. Too cute. Patrick always liked the trains when he was little - he still does. His grandparents used to take him to Boston on the train all the time. Once they tried to take him on the Swan Boats and he got all upset because he said he only likes to ride on land.

  2. I love the picture of Joseph watching people. He reminds me of a little old man (in the cutest way possible). The quilt is awesome! I would like a king sized one please :)

  3. Love the pics of the little man & I agree with the other girls ... that pic is my fav! Also quilt is fab! Very nicely done! I need to break out my sewing machine for some baby blankets too!