Thursday, July 1, 2010

A day late. Deal.

I'm slow. Sue me. Yesterday was busy.

9 years ago, yesterday, Matt and I tied the knot. It was a lovely (albeit freakin' HOT) day. We were lucky enough to be able to share the day with a respectable quantity of family and friends. 9 years later, a lot has changed. And, a lot has stayed the same. Life kind of seems to go that way: change and stay the same. I kind of like that.
Here we are 9 years ago:Aren't we cute? Like my ghetto scanner? Yeah, that's me taking a picture of a picture. Extra lame, I know. But, since we got married 'back in the day' now, our pictures were taken with film, and our album consists of an assortment of printed images in their paper housings. Old school. Just saying that makes me want to cry a little bit, but, hey, I can deal.
And yesterday:I know it's not what you were probably expecting, but it's truly a testament to one remarkable way that our lives have changed. Matt and I are still the foundation of our little family, but we have certainly become the backdrop to our more significant addition. It's all good.
We'll see where the next 9 years take us! One year at a time, though. Hell, one day at a time...

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