Saturday, June 26, 2010


Joseph likes riding around in Papa's white truck. The thing is, though, that my folks only have one car seat, and it usually stays in my mom's car. It's kind of a pain switching it, and we like him to be safe. So, Matt and I were talking about shopping for another car seat for my dad's car. We weren't too excited about the prospect of dropping another $100 on a seat that he wouldn't use all that often. I was planning on hitting our local consignment shop (which always has some amazing things), but we had some errands to do this morning, so we started on our way.

One of our stops included the dump. We have trash pick-up in our condo complex, but they don't recycle. So, we collect and sort our own stuff and take it to the dump when the bins fill up. Our town also has a "too good to be dumped" area where people drop off things that are, well, too good to throw out. We've scored some other little things there before, and since we live in a rather well-to-do community, there's usually some pretty good stuff there. So, Matt dropped me off on his way up the hill, and what was sitting out there today? You guessed it--a car seat! It's virtually the same model that we have in my car, only a couple of years older. We brought it home, washed and power-washed it to within an inch of its plastic life, and once it's reassembled, I'm going to make sure that it hasn't been recalled. Free! Talk about re-using! I can't even tell you how happy I am about this.

I also snagged one of those Ty Beanie Buddies (the bigger ones) of a tuxedo cat for Joseph. He has this thing for kitties, and once this one got washed and dried, it was an instant friend. He's been aptly named "Kitty" and joins his other feline friends: Mee-mow (AKA Spots Mee-mow), Baby Mee-mow, and White Kitty. So, two scores!

We've taken things to the too good to dump area before, and its kind of a fun little place. You sort of feel like you're doing a good thing by helping someone else out, and you're not throwing away perfectly good stuff. One little thing for the greater good, I guess. Along these lines, I am such a freakin' fan of our local consignment shop. I've sold a lot of things there, and bought a lot of things there, too. So many things for babies and kids are so expensive, and you just don't end up using them all that much or all that long. Consignment, or straight-up hand-me-down is the golden ticket for families on a budget (which is most of us, I think). So, check it out! Or not. Either way.

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