Monday, June 14, 2010

Things I am not...

There are a number of things that I am. I am a variety of different things to different people. Sometimes I feel like I must be all things to all people. Those times are a little overwhelming...

Of all of the things that I am, an athlete is not one of them. I'm not terribly coordinated. I'm good with small motor things (knitting, needlepoint, etc), but gross motor is not one of my strong suits. I'm slow. Wow, am I slow. I like to think that I'm quick-witted, but my legs are another story. I don't like getting hurt, so that pretty much takes all contact sports out of the question. I like playing things like softball or tennis, but please refer to the slow part...I'm not so good. I like skiing, but that's mostly a physics thing...gravity and controlled falling, and all that.

I've tried to stay in moderately functional 'shape' over the years. I can walk until the cows come home. Give me a comfortable pair of shoes, and I can walk you under the table. When I got pregnant, however, I kind of stopped. I felt like garbage for the first few months, and then I felt fat. Then I was tired. Excuses, I know. But, I was growing a person, and that apparently required a lot of energy. Then after Joseph was born, he was itty bitty. Then there were more excuses. Now he's 2 1/2 and I'm about ready to take control again.

I've been feeling squishy lately (like for the past 2 1/2 years), so I'm *finally* trying to do something about it. I'd like to lose some weight, and I know that I need to just be healthier. I've had high cholesterol since forever. And high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and type II diabetes run in my family. So I know that I need to be smart about that, too. I've never been a 'gym' person. I'm easily intimidated by the people who actually know what they're doing. I worry that my jiggling will hurt their concentration, or something.

I managed to find my way to this site, however, with a little bit of encouragement from one of the other moms at Joseph's day care. She started this program when her new baby was 6 weeks old. I decided that if she could do this, I most certainly could do this too. I've completed the first two days without dying. I've been doing this on my treadmill, which I know is less enjoyable and productive than outside, but I like the convenience. I've even managed to rope in a few of the other ladies at school. I needed people to hold me accountable, so I've got workout buddies. Just saying that makes me want to vomit a little bit. But, it's what I need. I'm even setting a short term goal for myself: after 10 sessions, I'm going to buy myself some article of clothing.

I'm not sure about actually running a 5K. I've never been able to run more than a mile and a bit in one sitting ever before in my whole life. But, I figure that I'll give it a shot. It'd be pretty cool if all of us science-y ladies could find some charity event in the fall or something. We'd make t-shirts and could be slow together. You're all welcome to offer encouragement and accountability. Don't nag. Encourage. I'll try to keep you posted.

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  1. You can totally do this! If you follow that plan, it will prepare you properly. And don't be ashamed of using a treadmill. And don't be ashamed to take walk breaks when you need them, even I do that. You've got to do whatever it is that will keep you motivated. Another great way to get a run in when you have a little one is to go to a track. That way Joseph can play with trucks in the middle grassy area and you can run and watch him at the same time.
    You know I'll encourage you! And if you ever need any race recommendations, you know who to contact. ;-) I'd even be willing to meet up sometime for a run/walk. Can you tell I'm excited for you?