Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 things: a win and some songs

1. I WON!! A major award! A major award! Well, maybe not a major award, but I still won! Carly over at Tri-ing My Hardest had a giveaway a little bit ago, and I won! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm super-pumped. All of the little bits will be wonderfully appreciated in the coming weeks. Thanks!

2. In my 13 minute drive from school to day care today, this song came on the radio while I was flipping around. Not that version, the real one. I found myself singing along and thinking of my friend Ryan. James Taylor and lilacs make me think of Ryan too. I'm not sure if he even knows why ;) At any rate, it got me thinking about how there are quite a few songs that bring about memories of specific people or specific circumstances.
I'm presenting a few for your consideration:
  • Smash mouth's All Star never fails to elicit a smile and thoughts of Susan, who is my all-time All Star!
  • I caught the end of Pearl Jam's Better Man today also. That song evokes slightly different emotions, and an old slam from Pam.
  • Los del Rio's Macarena makes me remember Angie. There are no less than 85 songs that make me think of Angie, but this one always makes me laugh...short story: we used to go bowling in college at Inman's Lanes and one evening Angie and I plugged the juke box with the Macarena no less than 4 times in a row. Friggin hysterical. We cracked ourselves up.
  • Seriously, 85 songs make me think of Angie. Like this one. And this one. We lived together for two entertaining years in college, and she always had some fabulous music playing.
  • Moving on, Alice Cooper's School's Out never fails to remind me of Ben. No one could pound that drum like Ben, baby. In that ass-ugly rugby shirt that we had to wear...
  • Slightly less flatteringly, The Weather Girls' Its Raining Men makes me think of Scott. I think that had to do with Ben, too, but that song's all Scott.
  • And, I would probably be remiss to neglect my dearly beloved. In the 12 years that we've been together, we've had a varied soundtrack, but Van Halen's Love Walks In warms my heart every time.
  • There are probably at least 20 more songs that I could list out here, but I'm going to stop with these
Then, I realized that all of these songs and memories (the ones that I've listed here, anyway) are from college. I've got a pretty substantial list from high school too. However, in the years since then, I've run a little lean. I was trying to figure out why that was. I mostly think that I just don't listen to as much music as I did then. Most of my time is taken up doing things, and the soundtrack has taken a back seat. I miss it. So, I'm going to try to be more intentional about what I listen to, and see if I can't broaden my horizons some more.
I like suggestions, so, please suggest!


  1. isn't winning things fun? I won a cookbook a few weeks ago and I was very excited :)

  2. If I had realized 10 years ago that the friends I was making at Valpo would mostly still be the same friends I have today, I would have tried much harder to maintain better contact throughout the drought between graduation and facebook.

    I think I'm probably going to try to go to Homecoming this year. I went to one the year after graduation, and it was pretty lame -- lame enough that I think we even tried to go to the football game. But I want to give it another go.

    I noticed my lack of new music last year and have been making an attempt to expand what I listen to to include more new stuff. This mostly means I end up buying CDs from local bands I see, but that's plenty fine by me. It also means I can't really recommend anything to anyone outside of Chicago, and even then it makes it look like I'm one of those douches who only listens to cool small bands you've never heard of.

  3. Are we talking Pam, as in Crazy Pam? ;-)

  4. Okay, you picked some good music to associate with my name. However, I am slightly disappointed that there wasn't any Neil Diamond listed (but really now that I have posted it as a comment I am over it). I love the "Soundtrack of my life" and all the awesome memories it provides. Now that my kinds are getting bigger my soundtrack is expanding again, and I am sure that yours will too. Oh, and I love that the legend of "Crazy Pam" still lives on... that is the awesome!

    Angie :)