Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I'm not quite sure where this comes from, but it seems to be a regular feature on a few blogs. And, I'm preferring it to the prompt that has offered for today: If you could take a train journey through any part of the world, where would you go?

1. I've successfully completed 4 rounds of my C25K routine. The ladies at school and I decided that we were going to start our little adventure today. So, I decided that another week on the Week 1 schedule probably wouldn't be the worst thing for me and my jiggly self. Although it's kind of difficult to drag myself upstairs to get on the treadmill, I want to die a little less each time. I guess that's a good thing.

2. I think that I've found surrogate homes for my school pets for the summer. Matt will be taking my beta fish to work. I'm not so concerned about the fish. I've gone through...a lot of them. I'm not terribly attached to him, but my students like having something to look at on my desk. My turtle, Waldo, and his fish friend, Lucky (so named because he hasn't been eaten yet), *should* be moving in with their turtle-sitter tomorrow. I'm a little nervous about this one, but I think that they'll be okay with Nick. I usually take the whole setup home, but it just isn't in the cards for this summer. Waldo is 5 (?) years old, and the fish has made it for a year. Again, not so concerned about the fish, but I'm rather attached to the turtle. We'll see how it goes.

3. Last night was our awards night at school. There were a whole bunch of juniors and seniors that were honored for their outstanding achievement in various academic endeavors. It was great to see everyone again and see them get some recognition for their hard work. And, I got to chat with a few former students who were there supporting their younger siblings, too. It was a fabulous (albeit long) evening.


  1. Hmmm... you had the turtle when I was a senior, and maybe a junior, but I don't think you had him when I was a sophomore. So that would make him 4 or 5. I think if you ever get a new class pet is should be named Kelvin (hehe). :-)

    And yes, that ceremony was a little long...

  2. "...I want to die a little less each time." You're cracking me up! Mostly because I feel the same way about the treadmill. However, I made Adam move it from the soon-to-be nursery to the basement. As he was cursing and carrying it, he made me promise to use it, so I guess I'll be in the same boat in a few months. Good luck with the training! Go, Allison!
    -Amy S.