Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eye Makeup

Thank you to all of you who've left comments, especially about the music stuff. And, yes, Carly, that is most certainly Crazy Pam ;) Angie--the legend lives, and I listened to Neil this afternoon just for you. I really enjoy the feedback!

A while back (probably a couple of years ago, now) my dad asked me about this new eye makeup that I was wearing. Those of you that know me, know that I'm not real big on makeup, and most likely wouldn't be trying out new eye makeup to visit my parents. Turns out, he was referring to the enormous dark circles under my eyes that had developed as a direct result of the sleep that I wasn't getting.

He asked about my eye makeup again this past weekend. Still nothing new. Still lack-of-sleep circles. Needless to say, I'm a little tired. It'll get better. Next week.

I was so out of it this morning that I actually drove right past my turn to get to school, and didn't even realize that I'd missed it until two lights later. I can honestly say that I've never done that before. I'm even, currently, staring at my computer screen with my eyes going in and out of focus. I'm reasonably certain that I'm spelling things correctly since I can type...but, wow, am I tired.

And, tonight is going to be a long night. I'm presenting the science department award to a deserving senior this evening at our awards ceremony, and I was invited to stay for the whole thing by students who would like to share their accomplishments. I'm hoping to be home by 9.

In the meantime, I'm avoiding writing and copying another final exam. I'm hoping to be able to sneak out to Target (for graduation cards and possibly a gallon of concealer) and Panera (for dinner) within the next couple of hours. I'm considering caffeinating. That makes me a little nervous, though, because I do want to sleep later tonight, and I'm not used to the afternoon jolt. I may rely on nervous energy to get me through.

Bleh. Enough of this stream of consciousness blabbering. Catch you tomorrow!


  1. I would recommend Bare Minerals concealer - it's a little expensive, but totally works (it's been newborn baby tested and approved!). Glad to see you posting more often. Check out my new blog too -

  2. I remember when your dad said that to you! I'm glad you are almost done with the stress of school and I get to see you soon!!!