Saturday, July 3, 2010

Paulo Coelho

If you haven't spent some time investigating Paulo Coelho and his writings, you should. I'm not typically one to discuss religion or politics with people because, let's face it, it just pisses people off. But, this guy has a way of dispensing philosophy that manages to appeal to a whole lot of people.

I'm also a fan on Facebook, which means that I get little messages that pop up in my News Feed (or whatever that is) every day. Some of them are a little kitchy, but I rather like today's: "To find your path, trust God and go ahead without asking too many questions. Mistakes happen, but you are protected (you don't believe in God? Don't worry, God believes in you)." I think that I like the last part the best. I'm pretty familiar with the whole "Let go and let God" dogma...not saying that I subscribe most of the time, but I'm familiar. But, I like the parenthetical statement a lot because it reminds me of the parental nature of a higher being. I kind of like knowing that someone is looking out for me even when I'm not.

So, like everything else in this blog: take it or leave it.

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