Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter bunnies

More Joseph cuteness to make you smile.

The Boy and my mom dyed eggs the other day (Monday?) because we happened to have the time and occasion. We dyed a dozen eggs and he stuck them up with race car stickers and all that good stuff. Because what else says 'Easter' but some Nascar-infused egg decorations? My mom (Ma) put them all back in the carton and put them in the fridge and told Joseph that they'd be safe from the silly bunnies in the fridge. He wanted to know why the bunnies wanted his eggs, so she told him about the silly game that the bunnies play at Easter where they find your eggs and then hide them all over the place for you to find.

He was not a fan of that whole situation.

When she came over to our house the next night, he exclaimed, "Ma! You need to go to your house to check on our eggs and see if the bunnies got them!" Then, as we drove up to the house on Wednesday, he was looking all over the yard for the bunnies that  wanted to hide his eggs. He ran in the house and checked the eggs in the frigerator (his word) to make sure that the bunnies hadn't gotten in to take them. Can you tell how his little mind is working? We tried to tell him that it was a silly game and they weren't going to keep his eggs. We even told him that sometimes they leave extra eggs with candy and toys in them. Still not buying it. We assured him that the pets would keep the bunnies out of the house, and even if Scout let them in (because she's a friendly little pug) the bunnies couldn't get the eggs because they don't have thumbs to open the frigerator. That seemed to work. He spent a good few minutes after that explaining to the cats that the bunnies couldn't get in and hide our eggs since they don't have fumbs (no "th" sounds for this kiddo yet).

We're in trouble once he starts to think about what Santa does, and I feel bad for the Tooth Fairy. That is a pretty sketchy deal, though. We'll see how he does on Sunday.

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  1. cute! Easter was actually my favorite holiday (over Christmas even!) when I was growing it. It might have had something to do with the fact that I think Easter has the best candy. Hope you guys have a nice weekend and I hope you have a restful break next week. :-)